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Letter from W.A. Noyes to Linus Pauling. November 21, 1932.
Noyes writes to Pauling to discuss Pauling's book publication proposal.


Urbana, Ill., Nov. 21, 1932

Dear Dr. Pauling:

Thank you for your frank letter of Nov. 13th with regard, to the book which you propose to write. We shall be glad to consider your manuscript when it is ready, whether we have a contract before that or not. I am quite sure the book will be one that we shall be glad to publish and I feel sure, that we can give you good service as publishers. I think you will agree that we have secured a rather notable list of authors for the Monograph Series.

You may not have noticed that two years ago The Chemical Catalog Company made a reduction of 25% in the price of the Monographs. At that time I made a careful study of the prices charged by a number of American firms which publish book of a similar character, including 79 books in the list. The prices charged for the Monographs now compare favorably with the average prices charged by these firms.

With kind regards,

Yours very sincerely,

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