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Letter from Arthur Lamb to Linus Pauling. February 26, 1931.
Lamb writes to inform Pauling that his manuscript on the nature of the chemical bond has been refereed and accepted for publication.



February 26, 1931.

Dr. Linus Pauling,

California Institute of Technology,

Pasadena, California.

Your manuscript entitled "The Nature of the Chemical Bond" - received on February 17 - has now been examined by a Referee familiar with the field and his report is favorable to its publication, although he states that a really definitive conclusion on his part as to the merits of the manuscript would require a study of several weeks.

Ordinarily, I should feel that the speculative nature of the subject matter of this manuscript, as well as its considerable length, would make it imperative that the more careful and time-consuming examination spoken of by the Referee should be given it. However, at the moment, we are in the somewhat unusual condition of being caught up with our supply of material, and it appears that your manuscript can be included in the April issue without displacing other deserving manuscripts. Under these circumstances, I am inclined to accept your manuscript for publication and shall hope to be able to include it in that number of the Journal.

Yours truly,

Arthur B. Lamb.

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