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Letter from Karl Compton to Linus Pauling. October 15, 1931.
Compton writes to inform Pauling that he has been appointed as visting lecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



October 15, 1931

Professor Linus Pauling

University of California

Pasadena, California

Dear Professor Pauling:

I am glad to say that our Executive Committee yesterday formally authorized your appointment as Visiting Lecturer in the Departments of Physics and Chemistry for April and May 1952, at a salary of $1500 plus an allowance of $300 for traveling expenses.

I understand from Professor Slater that this is in accordance with the correspondence which he has had with you. May I take this opportunity of expressing my own personal pleasure at this arrangement and our hope that you will find the visit here pleasant and professionally interesting. As you know, we plan to have the formal opening of our new Physics-Chemistry Laboratory sometime in April or May, with Professor Debye also here, and with a gathering of former distinguished members of our Physics and Chemistry Departments.

Mrs. Compton joins me in sending greetings to Mrs. Pauling. We are hoping of course that she may accompany you. With kindest regards, I remain,

Very cordially

Karl T Compton


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