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Letter from Linus Pauling to Fred Allen. November 16, 1933.
Pauling writes to update Allen on Don Yost's work with xenon, requesting that Allen allow them to keep the loaned xenon for an extended period of time. Pauling congratulates Allen on news of his wife's pregnancy, making brief reference to his own children. Pauling describes his own research and discusses possible plans for a trip to the East Coast in the following year.


Nov. 16, 1933

Dear Fred:

The 70 mm of xenon was the pressure in mm of mercury, the volume of the system being 300 or 400 cc. Hence there was plenty of xenon present. Yost should have mentioned the volume. We still have the xenon, but Yost would like to make another try at preparing a compound (unless you want the xenon returned soon). I still think XF6 should be stable.

I wish to offer my congratulations and best wishes on the impending event. We are still satisfied with three little roughnecks.

My work is going on as usual. We are doing a good bit of electron diffraction work. If you prepare any new or unusual compounds, I hope you will remember that we are on the lookout for substances to study with x-rays or electrons.

I hope to be able to stop at Purdue sometime. At present I have no plans for a trip East, expect possibly to the Nat. Acad. next April.


Linus Pauling

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