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Letter from Linus Pauling to Fred Allen. September 13, 1932.
Pauling informs Allen that he would like to work with Yost on xenon and asks Allen for a sample.


September 13, 1932

Dear Fred:

I should like to do some work (with Professor Yost) in an attempt to prepare certain compounds of Xenon suggested by theoretical arguments. No doubt your xenon is precious; if, however, you could lend us 10 cc. or so (of not necessarily pure stuff), we would try to return it to you either as such or in some compound (I hope), and we would be properly grateful. If this is asking too much, or if you can’t lend it, could you give us advice as to where we might possibly obtain some?

We were pleased to get your letter & pictures some time ago, and hope our card also arrived. Next Christmas we’ll need a larger card, with room for Linda, now 13 weeks old.

We hope you are getting along well.


Linus Pauling

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