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Letter from Linus Pauling to Frank Archibald. December 1, 1955.
Pauling writes to share an anecdote about Arnold Sommerfeld.


1 December 1955

Professor Frank R. Archibald

18 Irving Street

Melrose, Massachusetts

Dear Professor Archibald:

Thank you for your letter and for the copy of LUBRICATION ENGINEERING containing your article on Professor Sommerfeld.

It looks very good to me. Also, I shall be glad to see a copy of Ernst Sommerfeld's account of his father. I knew Ernst thirty years ago, and I saw him two years ago. I also saw Frau Sommerfeld, who died recently. One of the two (I don't remember which one) said that when Professor Sommerfeld was brought home after the traffic accident he said "Now I shan't be able to finish my book" - the last volume of the series of texts on theoretical physics that he was writing.

It was a great privilege for me to have been able to work with Sommerfeld. He was an extraordinarily able teacher, and I got a great deal out of his lectures.

Sincerely yours,

Dictated by Linus Pauling

Signed in his absence:W

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