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Letter from Linus Pauling to W.L. Bragg. March 21, 1929.
Pauling writes to discuss the possibility of visiting Bragg in Manchester, England. Pauling also expresses his interest in Bragg's projects on the structures of complex crystals.


March 21, 1929

Prof. W. L. Bragg

The Physical Laboratories

The University

Manchester, England

Dear Professor Bragg:

I am sorry to say that the Guggenheim Foundation decided not to give me another fellowship. I should like very much, or course, to come to Manchester to work with you and I am pleased to learn from your letter that you would like me to come. In view of this, I am going to make the attempt to come any way. I have just had an offer of an associate professorship in Chemistry at Harvard University and I am going ot Cambridge in about a month in order to look over the situation before deciding. In case I go to Harvard, it will not be possible for me to get a leave of absence for several years so that I shall have to give up the idea of a long stay at Manchester but if I stay in Pasadena, there is some chance that I can get a leave of absence and in addition get money enough from the Institute to spend six months in Europe. In that case, I shall probably come to Manchester in March, 1930 and stay there till September, except that I might travel on the continent for a month or so in the summer.

I am very interested to learn about your projects on the density function in the crystal cell on each pinakoid base. I feel that you are well on the way towards developing a satisfactory straight-forward method of determining structures of these complicated crystals. My work with crystals has been interrupted this spring by spending two and a half months in Berkeley delivering a course of lectures on application of the quantum mechanics to the chemists and physicists here. I hope, however, on returning to Pasadena to carry out the study of an extensive class of oxides occurring as minerals, for I think that their structures can all be referred to a few simple structures such as though of rutile and brookite.

I shall know in about two months what my future will be and then I shall write you again. I hope

Prof. W.L. Bragg -2- March 21, 1929

very much that I shall be able to come to Manchester for I know I should get a great deal of benefit and inspiration from being with you.

Very sincerely yours

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