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Letter from Linus Pauling to Linus Pauling, Jr. November 26, 1954.
Pauling writes that he and Ava Helen are excited for their trip, but are currently very busy getting prepared. He notes that Pauling Jr. and his wife are invited to attend the ceremonies at Stockholm, and provides details of the festivities. Pauling asks his son if he would mind taking back some of his and Ava Helen's clothing to Los Angeles after the ceremonies are over. He and Ava Helen will be continuing to travel around the world.


26 November 1954

Dear Linus and Anita:

Mama and I are still pretty excited, but we are being kept so busy that we haven't really had time to sit down and enjoy ourselves. Mrs. Wulf has been hard at work typing off answers to hundreds of telegrams, cablegrams, and letters, and I have been kept busy signing them -- in addition, I am trying to finish the preparation of the second edition of COLLEGE CHEMISTRY, before leaving a week from Sunday. Also, I must prepare my Nobel address. Fortunately, I am feeling well, but Mama is somewhat under the weather with a cold.

It is too bad that you can't get to Pasadena in time for the Faculty dinner on the evening of Friday 3 December. We have arranged for Crellin to come down on Friday, rather than on Saturday, so that he will be able to attend the dinner.

I think you know something about the round of festivities in Stockholm to which you are both invited. They include a private dinner with Professor and Mrs. Hugo Theorell on Wednesday 8 December, an official dinner in the Swedish Academy, the home of the Secretary Dr. Westgren, on Thursday, the Nobel ceremonies in the Concert House on Friday afternoon, a dinner in the Gold Room of the Town Hall on Friday evening, with dancing in the Blue Room at 10 o'clock, then a dinner with the King on Saturday.

We shall arrange to have someone meet you at the airport Sunday morning, and bring you to Pasadena. Probably it will be Crellin, in the Riley, but it may be someone else.

I should like to ask if you could do us a favor. Mama and I are continuing on around the world, flying from Oslo to Israel about 23 December, then on to India about 30 December, to Bangkok about 15 February, to Tokyo three days later, to Honolulu about 6 March (where I hope we can stay with you a few days), and then home about 12 March. We shall have with us in Stockholm some clothes that we shall not need on the later trip -- my tails, two or three party dresses of Mama's, and so on, probably enough to fill one suitcase, weighing perhaps 40 pounds. Could you bring it back to Los Angeles with you, and turn it over to someone at the airport there, or arrange to have it sent home? I think that we can bring an extra suitcase with us to Stockholm, in which the stuff can be packed. Crellin is traveling tourist (he will be with us on the SAS flight), and would not have enough weight allowance to bring the suitcase back; also, he is flying directly to Portland, rather than to Los Angeles.

We are pretty happy to think that we shall see both of you again before long, and the children in March. I may say that the Department of State has notified me that the passport will be issued for the trip around the world.

Love from

[Linus Pauling]

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