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Memorandum from Anthony Allison, Makio Murayama and Jerome Vinograd to Linus Pauling. September 9, 1954.
Allison, Murayama and Vinograd write to update Pauling on the status of their research on sickle cell hemoglobin.


California Institute of Technology Inter-Office Memo

To L. Pauling From A.C. Allison, M. Murayama, J. Vinograd Date Sept 9. 1954

Subject Summary of Investigation on the Properties of S Hb solutions carried out at the Calif. Inst. Of Technology during August 1954.

Appended are summaries of research initiated during the visit of Dr. Allison. The work deals with the phenomena which occurs when concentrated solutions of S Hb are deoxygenated.

Since no part of the work is completed as yet tentative plans have been made to continue the work along the following lines:

1. Berreman and Murayama will continue to examine by x-ray diffraction methods the sickling of RBC, the formation of gels in deoxygenated S Hb, and possibility of fiber formation by S Hb.

2. Dr. Allison will continue the examination of effect of temperature and hydrogen bonding agents on gelation. It is anticipated that this work will be published in a short time since it is now well advanced.

3. Demonstration of the applicability of the phase rule to the system during gel formation will be carried out at C.I.T.

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