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Letter from Warren Weaver to Linus Pauling. May 22, 1948.
Weaver writes to insure Pauling that he and Dr. Pomerat did not mean to be incourteous in their failure to visit with Pauling while all three individuals were in Oxford. Rather, Weaver notes that he and Pomerat did not have any specific business that needed attending with Pauling, and as such, felt it best not to impinge upon Pauling's research time. [Published by permission of the Rockefeller Foundation Archives]


The Rockefeller Foundation

49 West 49th Street, New York 20

LONDON OFFICE: 56 Curzon Street, W. 1. Telephone: Grosvenor 4485.

The Natural Sciences

Warren Weaver, Director

H. Marshall Chadwell, Associate Director

Harry M. Miller, Jr., Associate Director

Gerard R. Pomerat, Assistant Director

Saturday afternoon, May 22nd, 1948.

Professor Linus Pauling,

Eastman Exchange Professor,

Oxford University, Oxford.

Dear Linus,

Dr. Pomerat and I have just returned from a couple of days at Oxford. You will doubtless hear that we were there, and I don't want you to think we failed, from carelessness or lack of interest, to look you up.

Actually we deliberately avoided you! I hear on all sides that you are working too hard; we had no specific or pressing business with you; and I refuse to complicate your life further and unnecessarily. So just take this note as proof that you were not forgotten.


Warren Weaver

Director for the Natural Sciences.

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