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Memorandum from Linus Pauling to Robert A. Millikan. March 12, 1935.
Pauling writes to request an advance of $250 from the 1935-1936 Rockefeller grant for purposes of constructing an apparatus for use in his hemoglobin research.


Inter-Department Communication

California Institute of Technology


Date March 12, 1935 [?]

[handwritten] Dear Professor Millikan:

I have now about $250 of the 1934-5 Rockefeller Fund unexpended. I wish to prepare apparatus for our hemoglobin program without delay, and this might make advisable the expenditure of more than this amount before July 1, 1935. Would it be possible for me to use an advance of $250, if necessary, from the 1935-36 fund?

Linus Pauling

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