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Letter from Linus Pauling to Warren Weaver. January 25, 1935.
Pauling writes that he is pleased to learn of the Rockefeller Foundation's three-year commitment to support his work. Pauling adds that he has already begun the experimental investigation of hemoglobin but is suffering delays due to the difficulty of finding pure substances for experimentation.


January 25, 1935

Dr. Warren Weaver,

The Rockefeller Foundation,

49 West 49th Street,

New York City.

Dear Dr. Weaver:

I need hardly say that I am very happy to learn from you that the Rockefeller Foundation will provide support (in addition to that of the California Institute) for my researches for three more years. I have delayed answering your letter for two weeks in order that I might he able to tell you that we had already begun the experimental investigation of hemoglobin; we have met with some difficulties in obtaining pure substances, however, and so the investigation is not yet under way. As I have read about the problems of biochemistry I have become more and more enthusiastic about the possibilities of the application of our methods.

Dr. Noyes has told me that he heard that you would come West this spring; if so, I hope to see you here, and if not, I shall probably call on you in New York at about the time of the Washington meetings, which I hope to attend.

Very sincerely yours,


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