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Letter from S. J. Singer to Linus Pauling. July 8, 1957.
Singer writes to provide Pauling with an update on his and Harvey Itano's sickle cell research. In particular, Singer notes that they have made new discoveries concerning the properties of S hemoglobin and A hemoglobin.







July 8, 1957

[Handwritten annotation: "Fig 2 postulated structure small portion of an antibody-antigen"?]

Dr. Linus Pauling

Crellin Chemistry Laboratory

California Institute of Technology Pasadena, California

Dear Linus:

It seems a little strange to Ruth and myself not to be coming out to Caltech this summer, but it was difficult to leave here at this time. I hope we can continue to get away every other summer; the change is certainly a welcome one.

The news at this end of the continent is that Harvey Itano and I are working together on the sickle cell hemoglobin problem again. We found that Hb S undergoes a rapid reversible dissociation into half-molecules in acid solution in exactly the same way that Hb A does, but that when S and A are mixed, taken into acid, and re-neutralized, no recombination of S and A half-molecules can be detected by electrophoresis. The dimerization of the half-molecules is therefore specific, and controlled by the same small difference which is responsible for the difference in sickling behavior of the whole molecules. We will also examine Hb G in similar studies.

I would also like to ask a favor of you. I am writing an article on antibodies for Scientific American, and I would very much like to include a figure which you originally published in your article in Endeavor. This is figure 2 in the April 1948 issue, volume 7, number 26. Trevor Williams has already granted permission for the magazine, and I would appreciate your approval as well.

Our fond regards to you and Mrs. Pauling, and greetings to all.


S. J. Singer


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