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Memorandum from Walt Schroeder to Linus Pauling. July 11, 1957.
Schroeder writes to update Pauling on sickle cell research being conducted in Pauling's laboratory. Schroeder writes specifically of work on N-terminal sequences of normal adult human hemoglobin.


California Institute of Technology Inter-Office Memo

To: Prof. Pauling

From: Walt

Date: 7-11-57

Subject: N. Terminal Sequences of Normal Adult Human Hemoglobin

As you know, the N-terminal sequence of the A chains is val-leu. Herb has now been able to identify the N-terminal sequence of the B chains. He has isolated a dipeptide, val-his, and a tripeptide, val-his, leu. Quantitatively, they account for about 1 ½ of the two B chains. The tripeptide may be isolated in about twice the quantity of the dipeptide when a 15-minute hydrolysis in refluxing 6 N HCl is used.

I thought that this information might [sic] of interest to you and might be of use at the Protein Conference in Paris.



Hirs etc & Anfinson Mention. 1F NaCl + 4F urea --> 1.8000 Hb."

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