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Memorandum from Linus Pauling to Matthias Rath. June 29, 1991.
Pauling writes to suggest that the ascorbate treatment of cardiovascular disease that he and Rath have hypothesized might also prove useful in the treatment of sickle cell anemia. Pauling also notes certain interesting passages from a paper by R. B. Francis that spurred this idea in Pauling.




June 1991

To: Matthias Rath

From: Linus Pauling

Subj.: Sickle-cell anemia

After our early work on sickle-cell anemia, I tried for some time to develop a treatment for it, but without success.

There s a paper in Medical Hypotheses, 35, 88 (1991) by R.B. Francis, U.S.C. School of Medicine, with the following sentence beginning the abstract:

"Much of the morbidity and mortality in sickle-cell disease (SCD) is caused by tissue ischemia and infarction resulting from vascular occlusion." The author suggests that thrombotic occlusion of marger arteries and veins is an important factor in many of the vasocclusive complications of SCD.

Perhaps our suggested treatment of cardiovascular disease would have value in controlling sickle-cell disease.



P.S. The first sentence in the text begins "It is a remarkable fact that although sickle-cell anemia was the first disease to be characterized on a molecular level...", without giving a reference.

P.S.S. I have now talked with Dr. Francis by telephone. He is interested in the possibility of prophylaxis for sickle-cell anemia patients. I told him I would send him copies of the three papers and mentioned that the third paper should not be talked about publicly until it is published. He mentioned that several papers have been published recently on controlling immunocytopenia with high doses of vitamin C.

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