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Letter from Linus Pauling to Alfred E. Mirsky. August 11, 1937.
Pauling writes to express his interest in Mirsky's recent publication on myocin and, in particular, the experimental techniques that Mirsky used in his work. Pauling also notes a recent visit from N. V. Sidgwick and the beginnings of construction of the Crellin Laboratory at Caltech.


August 11, 1937

Dr. A. E. Mirsky

6 Tyler Road

Hanover, New Hampshire

Dear Alfred:

I am very much interesting to read about your results on Myocin. It seems to me that these experiments on thermal contraction provide a great deal of information about the nature of muscle contraction, and that you are now in a position by studying the phenomenon further to obtain more valuable information about the phenomenon.

It is interesting that you have been able to oxidize the sulfhydryl groups in native egg albumin with iodine. I suppose that the steric protection afforded these groups by the configuration of the native molecule would have the effect of decreasing their activity so that they would be made resistant to attack by weaker oxidizing agents while still susceptible to stronger ones.

We have had several visitors at the laboratory this summer, including Sidgwick of Oxford, who left day before yesterday after staying here for a week. Sidgwick told me that our paper on protein structure had aroused considerable interest at Oxford and that he and Robinson had asked Hopkins if the paper were sound on the biochemical side and that Hopkins had said that it was extremely good.

There is great activity in the laboratory, with most of the research men still at work, and also on the campus, where the construction of the four new laboratories is proceeding rapidly. Concrete has been poured for the Crellin Laboratory completely except for the roof.

I am looking forward to seeing you in New York at some time during the coming fall. U [sic] think that Helen will come with me to Ithaca for the month of October.

With best regards to you and Reba, I am


Linus Pauling


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