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Memorandum from Linus Pauling to Mervyn L. Goldstein. June 6, 1972.
Pauling writes to inquire into the details of Goldstein's recent publication suggesting that large doses of ascorbic acid evidently induced sickle cell anemia crisis in a sickle cell thalassemia patient.





6 June 1972

Dr. Mervyn L. Goldstein

14 Magnolia Road

Scarsdale, New York 10583

Dear Dr. Goldstein:

In connection with a research program on sickle-cell anemia, I have been thinking about making a study of the relation of ascorbic acid to the crises of sickle-cell anemia. Your Letter to the Editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association of 12 April 1971 is pertinent in this respect. You mention that a patient of yours with sickle-cell thalassemia seemed to have crises after taking large doses of ascorbic acid. You mention that "I was surprised to hear that prior to each recent crisis she had administered just such doses to 'ward off symptoms.'"

Could you give me some more detailed information about this patient? I should like to have, if possible, the amounts of vitamin C that she ingested at these times, as well as at other times, the dates of the crises, and some statements about the nature of the crises.



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