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Memorandum from Linus Pauling to Earnest Watson. July 25, 1951.
Pauling writes to recommend Robert C. C. St. George for a teaching position in Pakistan, sponsored by the International Universities Bureau. Pauling provides a short description of the work upon which he and Dr. St. George collaborated and provides a strong recommendation of St. George's teaching abilities.


July 25, 1951

To: Dean Watson

From: Linus Pauling

Subject: Recommendation for opening in Pakistan

Pasadena, California

I suggest that the name of Dr. Robert C. C. St. George be sent on to the International Universities Bureau in connection with the openings for university professors and assistant professors in Pakistan.

Dr. St. George was Merck Fellow last year, from January 1 to December 31, 1950. He spent this period in Pasadena, working with me on compounds of hemoglobin. He is a biochemist, who received his Ph.D. degree at Harvard in 1949. Dr. St. George worked with Professor George Wald in the Biology Department at Harvard University.

Dr. St. George told me that he was interested in the possibility of teaching in India, and I judge that he would include Pakistan in this interest. I made an effort to get an appointment for him in India, but without success.

Dr. St. George now has been appointed instructor at Harvard, for the year 1951-52. Accordingly he would not be available, I judge, for appointment in India in September of 1951, but he might be interested in an appointment for September 1952.

Dr. St. George is married. He is a very able and well trained man. I expect him to be a first-rate teacher. While here he assisted to some extent in the teaching of freshman chemistry.

Linus Pauling:W

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