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Hertz, Hugo, No Date

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Free Religious Manifesto.

The Free Religion Community welcomes all free-spirited believers to enter into this movement and hence strength our movement. This community wants all to unite who can do so as to not live in the principles of the dogmas of existing religions. Thru comparative religious studies, philosophical and sociological studies we can learn not just from the authoritative Bible but from our cultures and humanities. We leave to each their own convictions and not thru dogma. For this is innate in humans of which its' importance can not be lessened. We can create such a state of being in that men of genius and religious conviction can assist in our cause. For compassion, charity and justice spring from religious feelings of which we all need. Our community will educate moral people of sound mind and self-responsibility and of good character to the love of truth. We are fighters against war, social injustice and the exploitation of man. There need be always freedom of artistic activity and the appreciate of one's own works. The community follows the traditions of our founding champions: Emilie Wüstefeld and Charlotte Paulsen. People have been in churches on Sundays and spend hours in meditation of which has detached them from everyday concerns. Youth needs include a class of “ethical way of life” to be prepared for their religious convictions. With the help of the community we strive to find sacred marriage, naming and bereavement for sacramental life and for our family bonding. We must in our community overcome any convictions of demoralization of cultural life such as when the Nazi delusional belief of cleansing cultures thru their acts of antisemitism. This municipality hopes that the German people will find as in the United Nations to be free to show the immortal works of such great people as musicians, poets and thinkers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Lessing, Kant, Heine, Schiller and his great master Goethe, whose view of life classical expression Scout's poem:

Let man be noble, helpful and good!

Heinrich Bock, Glückstadt. 682. 1000. 1V. 46. ​​Kl. B / Gen, Nos. 3 / 2058th

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