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Hertz, Hugo, No Date

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                      FEB 24  RECD    British Zone Germany

1 February 1948 Hamburg. 13 Iseshape 36.

Herrn Professor Albert Einstein. c/o Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, Inc. Princeton.

 Teaching Professor Sir!
   I have been driving around with your scholarly letters, and today I am taking the time to write to you in connection with your literary works.  It is so very clear to me, that as a result of your great works that they bring vital and significant warnings for us today.  
  The reason of my writing is in regards to your authored treatise, in "Aufbau" No. 50, a Jewish newspaper,  which was also published in the magazine The New Yorker Vol. 12 this past December.   
   We must realize your warnings along side of what I call religious forces. For I agree with you completely of avoiding disasterous forces upon which one culture can use upon another.   We have seen unfold a religious clash upon another.  I now speak personally of western type religions. Christianity certainly is one that evolves even from their broadcasts and structuring.  For Islam this is of course an eastern culture religion regardless.  We must avoid the ability of religious forces to obtain such power over another type class. These forces have been structuring for centuries ago, they unfold and I express

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