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Zeigler, Mary Roe, September 27, 1947.

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Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, 90 Nassau St., Princeton, N.J.

Dear Sirs;-

Enclosed please find check for our mite toward your work. I wish we could make it more, but you know how much there is to do to-ward the same ultimate goal.

I am temporary chairman of the local chapter of United World Federalists, and I have used the first letter you sent out under the name of Mr. Einstein to very great advantage in this work, and I would like to ask if you could send me a few of these letters for further use in impressing people of the necessity of immed-iate action. I have my one copy which I am hold-ing.

If it were possible for me to have a copy of the first (or second) letter actually signed by Albert Einstein, I would treasure it, but that may not be easy for you to accomplish.

Yours truly, [signature] Mrs. [Mary crossed out] Roe Zeigler

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