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Young, Mrs. Sanford N., March 15, 1947.

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Mar 17 RECD

Rosemary Young Minneloa, Florida March 15, 1947

Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, Inc. Room 28, 90 Nassau Street Princeton, New Jersey


Enclosed is my small check for $5.00. However, I am confident I can send a more appropriate amount later. Will you please mail me two sets of your letter, statement, and pamphlet in the enclosed envelope.

Both my husband and brother were killed in World War II. I am learning Russian, typing, and shorthand so that I can offer my services to an organization such as yours as soon as possible. There is nothing within my power that I would not do gladly to aid your cause.


(Mrs. Sanford N. Young)

You might find it remunerative to add the following to your mailing list:

Mr. H.C. Foster, Sr. 4416 Gratiot Ave. Port Huron, Michigan

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