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Young, John H., December 7, 1947.

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Albert Einstein, Chairman Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, Inc. Room 28, 90 Nassau St. Princeton, New Jersey

Dear Sir:

Thank you very much for your letter and article entitled "Atomic War or Peace." I, for one, am in favor of a world federation composed of all or most of the nations, a government based on democratic principles, and one capable of enforcing peace by having an efficient armed force stronger then that of any combination of nations.

Since Russia obviously will not join any such organization, I believe that the rest of the world would consider joining it without her. The nucleus of such a world federation is already in existence. It is the United States government. It was founded by thirteen sovereign nations, later annexing more territory an another nation. The Constitution of the United States is still the best basis for sound government and is flexible enough to include any number from thirteen to thirteen hundred states. It already embodies a Bill of Rights similar to the declaration of human rights recently submitted to the United Nations. It already has the most technical knowledge of modern warfare necessary for the armed forces of such a government. It has the soundest industrial and financial system in the world. At present, there are weaknesses in its political and economic structure, such as racial voting inequalities and economic privileged classes, but these can be corrected through education.

The United States is considered as one nation, when in reality it is a federation of many nations. I believe that the annexation of the nations of the world by the government of the United States is the logical and most realistic approach to world peace and prosperity. The present world situation calls for clear thinking followed by decisive action. Recognizing your ability and influence, I submit this proposition for your consideration.

Sincerely yours, John H. Young

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