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Witherbee, Mrs. Frank Bernard, January 30, 1947.

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30 January, 1947.

Albert Einsteini Chairman Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists 90 Nassau Street, Princeton, New Jersey.

My dear Dr. Einstein:

  Your letter and the accompanying pamphlet arrived many days ago. I hope you will forgive my delay in acknowledging it.  The tiny cheque enclosed seems hardly worth the sending, but many drops will fill a sea.   I wish that I might more adequately express my appreciation of the gravity of our responsibility.  I live on the Trust established for my maintenance by my husband who lost his holdings in the financial chaos of 1929.   My income is so tiny that I cannot send more financial support,  but I can send you a few names of friends more fortunate than I who very probably will be anxious as well as able to contribute.  I assume that my name will not be mentioned which would be pleasing to me as their decision would then be between themselves and God and unbiased by any personal equation. 

Mrs. Edwin Fickes, The Cloister, Sea. Island, Georgia.

Mrs. Walter Holbrook 90 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston,Massachusetts.

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Nisbet 159 North East Fifth Avenue P.O.Box 126 Delray Beach, Florida.

Miss Matilda S. Alley 7803 Prospect Place, La Jolla, California.

(Mr. and  Mrs. Theodore. Gildred  2324 Pine Street, San Diego, California. 

Mr. and Mrs. James Alexander Irwin 810 Glorietta Boulevard, Coronado, California.

The Most Reverend and Mrs. Robert LeRoy Harris 1878 Los Encinos Avenue, Glendale 9., Califronia.

Perhaps these will be of assistance. I sincerely trust that they may, and if you desire further names, please advise me.

                       Sincerely yours, 
                        Mary G. Witherbee


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