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Williams, Benton A., June 22, 1948

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Watertown, Tenn. R.2 June 22, 1948

Albert Einstein, Chairman Emergency Com. of Atomic Scientists 90 Nassau St., Princeton, N.J.

Dear Mr. Einstein:-

  Enclosed find song, The Peace of the Great New Day.  Being firmly convinced that our songs affect our thoughts and actions very much, I wish that the people of America might become familiar with the words of this song.  
  Will be glad to contribute copies of song to any individual or groups who would like to sing it in public or over radio.  Hope you can use it in the crusade for peace.  
  Have written words and music to seven peace songs, but have had only one published so far.  
  Am very much interested in world peace, and wish to help attain it in every way that I can.  
 I'm a teacher of music and expression.  
  Thank you.  
                             Yours very truly,
                                Florence B. Williams
                          (Mrs. Benton A. Williams.).

P.S. Why did Atomic Scientists permit the use of atomic energy for destructive weapons, at first? It was their secret, was it not, or did the government command them to work out the formula, and develop it?

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