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Watkins, Sheldon, March 24, 1948

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Dr. Shelton Watkins 504 Brown Building Louisville, KY. March 24, 1948 Professor Albert Einstein, Chairman, Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, Inc., Room 28, 90 Nassau Street, Princeton, New Jersey. Dear Professor Einstein: I wish to apologize for the long delay in replying to your letter of February 7th., which I intended to do promptly. Enclosed is my check for $5.00 as a contribution to your committee, which is all I feel able to give at this time. I hope to make another contribution within the near future. I pray to God that the work of your committee will be successful and an atomic war will not occur. I am very grateful to you and your associates for what you are doing in this causes. In this connection may I make two suggestions for the consideration of your committee, which, I believe, if endorsed by it, would do much to prevent another war. The first is that diplomacy and all international dealings be brought out into the ope. In other words, "Pitiless publicity" and "Open covenant openly arrived at", both of which expressions were coined by the late president Woodrow Wilson. Secrecy permits conspiracy and dark dealings. The second is that all profit be taken out of war and nobody allowed to make "blood money" during a war. In other words, war is a period of national sacrifice and should apply to all our citizens and not merely to able-bodied young men While I regret to say it, I suspect that there are some potential Hitlers in our country as well as others, who are depraved enough to try to get our country in another war for their own selfish purposes. Respectfully yours, Sheldon Watkins Enclosure.

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