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Tipple, Esther Watson, March 1, 1948.

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university.  This work has helped me to recover from the effects of an experience in North Georgia in 1937-8 when I was unable to help a Federal Revenue officer from Atlanta, who had located a rum-runners' transfer point on a knoll on a curve of U.S. Highway 41, to hold this strategic military point (just south of the junction of the highway to N.Y. and Chicago).  My husband had died, but from his training in Forest Ranger work, etc. I recognized the importance of this location, and Fifth Column activities.  Before the family which I established at the tourist camp, to run it decently, and I were forced out, I informed the officials of the nearby town of our findings.  The difficulty was that some of the business interests of the nearby city had a warrant served on me.  As am a "dam Yankee" by birth, I knew there could have been no justice done there at that time.  However, I had total amenities, which solved the problem for me then.  Fortunately, my knowledge of subversive activities was of assistance here in Boston at the time of the Detroit race riots.  I recognized that negroes were being used as innocent tools by those who could not be located by the police.  By cooperating we out witted whoever it was then.  
      Sincerely yours, 
        Esther W. Tipple.

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