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Posin, Daniel Q, April 14, 1947

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April 14, 1947

Professor Albert Einstein Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey

Dear Professor Einstein:
  A group of people here in Fargo,  who are associated with the local radio broadcasting station have an idea to which they would like to have your reaction.   They are considering making a phonograph record of my speech on atomic energy and then broadcasting this speech in the following way:  on the first day it would be broadcast over the radio at 6:30 A.M.,  on the second day at 7 A.M.,  on the third day at 7:30 A.M.,  etc,  for a total of 36 broad-casts.   They would like to know what you think of this technique in general,  their idea being obviously to reach people at every possible hour convenient to them...   Would you be kind enough to let me hear from you as soon as possible on this question.  They have found out that this has never been done on the radio before,  and wonder in general how you would regard this plan. 
  My speech would take up the following points,  probably:  Becquerel's discovery,  Marie Curie,  Einstein 1905,  Riutherford 1919  (if there is time the record is for 30 minutes);  the years around 1930-1939 and the peaceful uses such as radiophosphorus   (I did tracer work on this myself with white rats,  and a hen- -- - allowing her to lay radioactive eggs);  the uses in leukemia etc;  Hahn's efforts and a mention of Meitner,  Fermi,  Szilard;  Einstein's letter to Roosevelt;  the Manhattan project;  the Bomb tested and Hiroshima;  Nagasaki;  how the Bomb kills--- heat,  blast,  gamma rays,  and the possible changes in the genes;  what the so-called secret of the Bomb is;  no defense;  possibility of other countries making Bomb;  the stronger Bombs;  the loading and the radioactive dust... the only true defense a world in general and genuine peace.  
  Some of the above may be changed.   Please be kind enough to send opinion regarding both #1 and #2. 
  Today I addressed 1000 High School students and in a week am scheduled to speak before our College Student Body.   I am also continuing with many other engagements. 
        With best wishes, 
              D.Q. Posin

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