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Posin, Daniel Q., January 23, 1947

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Jan. 23, 1947

Professor Albert Einstein Princeton University, New Jersey

Dear Professor Einstein:

   Recently I addressed the Kindred Farm Forum, of Kindred North Dakota, on the subject of "Atomic Energy for Humanity."  This group consists of fine American farmers who are keenly interested in the affairs of the world and not only in the affairs of their farms.  The men were stirred by the peace-promoting activities of your committee,  the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists,  and after the meeting (of about 35 men) they placed money in a hat to be sent to your committee.  The money amounted to $36.45 and I am now enclosing a check for this amount. 
  Will you be so kind as to ask your secretary or someone to send 50 copies of each publication that you now have for distribution, to Mr. Melford Tryhus, Mgr. of Kindred Farm Forum, North Dakota. That address is sufficient. Mr. Tryhus is the president of the Kindred Farm Forum and I am sure will be happy to give the reading material and the bomb and atomic energy to his group. 

   In addition, will you please have someone send me immediately if possible, one thousand copies of each publication, as I am preparing for some large meetings.  The first one is on Wed. Jan. 29,  and I hope that I can have the material in time for that. 
             Yours truly, 
                D.Q. Posin

c.c. Mr. Melford Tryhus

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