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Poll, Leo, April 12, 1948.

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  1. 20602

$15 B

April 12, 1948 Chicago, Ill.

Dr. Harold C. Urey 118 Nassau St. Princeton, N.J.

Dear Dr. Urey:

    The attack made by the House Committee on Un-American activities against Dr. Edward N. Condon and others is destroying the very principle of American Democracy.
    How the people of Europe can believe that American Government is in Europe as a defender of freedom when they are destroying it at home?
    The House Committee is using that court, like Roberto Bellarmino the inquisitor, used the Holy office to burn Giordano Bruno for defending Copernicus's Ideas.
    Enclosed you will find a money order for $15.00 as a protest to that Holy office which is blocking every man's dignity.
    I urge the Emergency Committee to rewrite: "Spaccio Della Bestia Trionfante" and appeal to all who prefer Luce, Vita i Liberta than to go back to the dark age, destruction and death.
    We pass two stages: "Mythological and metaphysical" and now we live in scientific "Atomic" age where science should lead humankind; not corrupted politicians.

Sincerely yours, Leo Poll

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