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Mulberger, Henry C., December 12, 1947

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Atomic Research Corp. 411 East Mason Street Milwaukee 2, Wisconsin

December 12, 1947

Dr. A. Einstein Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, Inc. Room 28 90 Nassau Street Princeton, New Jersey

Dear Dr. Einstein:

  I read your letter of November 29 with considerable interest.  It is gratifying to know definite action is being taken by competent scientists to awaken a lethargic public to the appalling responsibility of atomic energy control. 
   Energy is neither good or evil but the nature of the effects depend upon its use.  If employed constructively and for the benefit of mankind, tremendous scientific and socio-economic progress could be made.  On the other hand, its destructive use spells a return to the dark ages.  We have reached the point where science and philosophy must join hands and march forward to a new spiritual awakening. 
   The negative forces of confusion and fear so rampant in the world today make positive leadership and common understanding imperative.  Our moral development must catch up with our scientific progress.  This can only be accomplished by intelligent leadership and proper education of the people. 
   During the past fifteen years I have devoted my time to the field of advertising, public relations and research in the field of electronics.   For four years, as a pilot in the Air Force,  I applied experience gained in these fields in the service of my country. Today I sincerely feel the emergency is much greater and I should like to place my experience at your disposal.  The time is short and the task is great! 
  I have devoted considerable thought to this problem and perhaps I have some ideas that might be helpful.  At your convenience, I would like to discuss them with you, Dr. Vrey or any other member of your committee you may designate. 
   I am enclosing my check for $25.00 -- sorry it cannot be more. 
        Henry C. Mulberger 

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