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Iverson, Adelaide, April 13, 1948

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April 13, 1948

Albert Einstein Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists 90 Nassau Street, Princeton, New Jersey,

My dear Mr. Einstein,

I am enclosing a very small contribution for your committee. The size is not indicative of our interest in your committee and its work. I am passing the information I received from a friend on to other people.

We are among a large group of veterans and their wives just completing graduate work long delayed by the war. Many of our husbands were in the service four or five years. Most of them are now well over 30. None enjoyed military service. Now, we have reached that place in life where we had hoped to enjoy our professions, maintain a decent standard of living (not that we have seriously minded living on the bare minimum the last two years), raise our families, and live democratically and peacefully with our neighbours here and abroad.

When we hear the reports of radio commentators, see the newspapers with all their implications of the inevitability of war, we are almost grim with despair. We detest communism but we question a war as the solution to our problems. When we see a reversal of policy like on the partition of Palestine, when we see demands to aid dictators like Franco and Chiang-Kai-Shek, when we see requests for a large army and navy -- all in the name of democracy -- well, we become suspicious of that democracy we herald for other parts of the world.

What can we do to keep the peace we need and want to desperately?


Adelaide Iverson (signed) Adelaide Iverson (Mrs. W.J.) Bldg. 211-10 Stanford Village Stanford University California

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