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Hart, Mrs. Hazel G., September 6, 1947.

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to our civilization some small bit of knowledge or philosophy which will even minutely compare with yours.

You feel a moral responsibility for the terrible threat which shadows the world to-day. It is understandable that you should, being the ethical and humanitarian man that you are. But it is not necessarily true that the creator of an instrument for its use by another's hand. However, the person who places a knife within reach of a small child or madman is responsible for whatever mischief results; and if humanity is viewed in either light, neither of which is too unreasonable, then it is not difficult to see why you have shouldered this burden and set for yourselves this difficult task.

I should like very much to keep in touch with your program. Would it be possible for me to receive a copy of your Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists each month? I would be happy to pay whatever sum is necessary over the cost of printing and mailing. Perhaps I could then be of some service in your program of educating the public. I am an instructor of mathematics at Wilkes College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and as such come in contact with quite a few people daily.

Sincerely Yours,

(Mrs.) Hazel G. Hart (signature)

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