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Dunbar, Carl O., March 27, 1947.

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Yale University Peadbody Museum of Natural History

New Haven, Connecticut March 27, 1947

Carl O. Dunbar, Director Sally H. Donahue, Executive Secretary

Dr. Albert Einstein Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists Room 28, 90 Nassau Street Princeton, New Jersey

Dear Dr. Einstein:

Yesterday evening I spoke to a men's group about the bomb tests at Bikini and, in doing so, mentioned the efforts of the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists to collect a million dollars with which to educate the American public about the implications of the bomb. After the meeting the leader of the group handed me a five-dollar bill which someone in this audience wished to contribute to this fund. I am passing it on to you herewith.

If you wish to send a card of acknowledgment, please address it, not to me, but to Mr. Prann, President of the Men's Club of Trinity Episcopal Church, Brandford, Connecticut.

Very truly yours, Carl O. Dunbar

COD:shd Encl.

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