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Dexter, Mrs. Elliot, September 30, ?.

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always rebels against the status quo, and any reason against man - My father's family, the Muhlenbergs, the Chisholms were all rebels fighting against all who committed treason against the equal rights of all men everywhere in the world - My mail swamps me, so please forgive the delay in mailing you this [illegible] which I promised. I do not believe in living on reputation of ones ancestors, but in order to make my above statement clear, I will say only that my father's great uncle was first speaker of the House of the Continental Congress and all the other brothers were fighters and liberals (really radicals of their day) - My grandfather Chisholm risked his life to help the slaves escape and brought them North - And his brothers were were pioneers with tremendous vision in other fields of endeavor. The article by Cord Meyer is splendid, and I have written for many more copies if possible - The enclosed article you may have heard of, but it is enclosed & marked in a few places, as we are all in this battle too - the time is short, the fight is gigantic, but we will win if we all have courage - God bless you , Nina C. Dexter

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