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Chamberlain, Katherine, March 28, 1948.

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Wayne University Board of Education Detroit 1. Michigan


Dear Dr. Einstein,

The enclosed check is one that I received some time ago when I spoke on the social implications of the atomic bomb in Windsor, Ontario. I wanted the Emergency Committee to have it but have neglected to send it in before. Please accept it as a little expression of my appreciation for your own great work.

On April 19th, Norman Cousins will speak in the Scottish Rite Cathedral here on World Government and the urgent need for strengthening the United Nations. I am enclosing a copy of the printed letter that we sent out and a list of the supporting organizations and individuals to date. It looks as if we shall have nearly sixteen hundred people in our audience representing a very substantial cross section of the women in Detroit who can be depended upon to get things done. We are going to do our best to convince them that it is the duty of everybody present ot do his little bit to arouse people generally out of their indifference or pessimism regarding the state of the world. We also expect to launch a petition drive urging the strengthening of the United Nations.

The sponsorship and financial responsibility rests upon three of us, Mrs. Zaio Woodford Schroeder, Mrs. Lorna Hunter and myself acting strictly as individuals. We thought that we could get organizations to back us personally even though they do not back each other very well. Apparently, we were correct for we are receiving a most encouraging amount of support.

We are wondering whether it will be possible to secure enough copies of your Atlantic Monthly article from the Emergency Committee to give one to each member of our audience. We want to provide every person with material to take home and study and are particularly anxious to give them this article of yours.

Meanwhile, good wishes for the success of your work on the Emergency Committee. We hope that what we are doing here will help it along.

Very truly yours, Katherine Chamberlain Professor of Physics.

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