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Typescript: Message of Professor Albert Einstein to the Radio Audience of Warner Brothers-Station KFWB, No Date

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Ladies and Gentlemen: I thank Warner Brothers in the name of the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists for this opportunity to acquaint the radio audience with our efforts. These efforts have their origin in a feeling of the heavy responsibility which physicists have taken upon themselves by the creation of the atomic bomb.

You all know that the development of this frightful means of destruction was urgently demanded by the perils of the wartime situation. The peril of the moment has been removed by the success of this enterprise. Simultaneously, however, by this very success, a new perilous situation has been created whose shadow is upon us continually.

The novelty of the situation lies in the fact that it can no longer be successfully coped with through national armament. One can well threaten others through armament, yet one cannot defend oneself effectively anymore. Effective defense can be achieved only by the removal of the present anarchy in international affairs and by reliable supranational security against military aggression.

To achieve this is the task of responsible statesmen. On its success depends the fate of this and future generations, not only here but in all other countries.

Yet what can the handful of intellectual workers do so that this goal may be achieved? I may say without exaggeration that we have already started, with some success, on what is for us the only hopeful way. The intellectual workers cannot successfully intervene directly in the political struggle. They can achieve, however, the spreading of clear ideas about the situation and about the possibilities of successful action. They can contribute through enlightenment so that able statesmen will not be hampered in their work by antiquated opinion and prejudices. It is for this campaign of enlightenment that the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists was formed.

I appeal to you of the radio audience for your support in this work we have undertaken. We need $1,000,000 in this great educational task. For this sum we must rely on the generosity and vision of the American people. Contributions can be sent to the Chairman of our Southern California Committee of Sponsors, __________________ at __________________ or direct to me as Chairman of the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, at 90 Nassau Street, Princeton, New Jersey.

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