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Bloomfield, E. Jarvis, June 1, 1947

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E. Jervis Bloomfield, Gabriola Island, B.C., Canada.

June 1st, 1947

Professor Albert Einstein, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey.

Dear Professor Einstein,

From a recent editorial we understand you are asking for a million dollars to teach the average man that his old habits of thought are blinding him to his peril and to put these facts before the people of the world:

1- Atomic bombs are cheap; they will become cheaper and more destructive. 2- There is no military defense and none can be expected. 3- All nations can discover the "secret" by themselves. 4- Preparedness is futile; if attempted, will ruin our social structure. 5- If war breaks out, atom bombs will surely destroy civilization. 6- There is no solution except international control and the elimination of war.

You and those associated with you in the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, above others, made this thing possible; and your word, above all others, is believed as to what this may mean to us and what should be done.

Perhaps you won't get the million you are asking- and if you do it is a paltry enough sum compared with the billions being spent on war preparations.

Enclosed is a check to use as you see fit in this matter. God knows it is small- but if there were enough it would help. And each Sunday morning, from now on, we are going to write someone a letter telling them what we have done.

And we have faith that many will follow- send you a check and , each Sunday, pass the above facts along to someone else.

With all good wishes for you in this work,

Very sincerely, E Jervis Bloomfield

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