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Bell, A.J.A., October 13, 1947

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29 LOST AND FOUND Astray - A latter to me from Professor Albert Einstein. A.J.A Bell

13 OCTOBER 1947. MARY E.RAY, Secretary, Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, 90 Nassau Street, PRINCETON, N.J.U.S.A

Dear Madame, Will you kindly advice Dr. Einstein for his most gracious gesture in the matter of THE LOST LETTER. Ishall doubly appreciate the opportunity this and your letter can give me, in the relating of a good story, for I placed this enclosed paper cutting of an AD. in the LOST & FOUND.

Avoiding the undesireable appelation of "STOLEN" Iuse the word "ASTRAY" as I had no desire to see Dr. Einstein's name under such an Ad.

So everything is just fine and Iam sure YOUNG Mr Mortimer will be greatly relived.Imade it as comfortable as I could for hime, yet he should have been more careful.

There things come back to roost however but after all what about it! and a lesson has been given some person some place there in the office of the Colonist.

Ishall let them see there last two.All goes towards the REAL ISSUE in hand.

The LABOUR Mag. has a whole lot more printed Inoted the other day,so we have potential good contacts.Iwill see what Mr Rayment can do to get them distributed.

The wise handling of the ATOMIC ENERGY question can give the World the greatest Mass GOOD PUBLICITY as no other means could short of a Phenomenon of Nature.And this surely is in that category.

Should events work out Imay leave for the U.K. (DEVON,Eng.) in the near future. As IthinkI have mentioned to you I am interested in finding a Major OIL Area there.

We are now drilling on the EAGLE HILLS, 25 miles S.East of BATTL-FORD and this a WILD CAT WELL I located 2 years ago.

I seek far greater results however than the LLOYMINISTER,SAKS. producers.Also Ishould be in the MINERAL CLASS too.This would include DIAMONDS.

I maintain that before WORLD PEACE can become FACT all people of all Nations will completely renounce THE WAGE MYTH.In place will come A CHANGE OF HEART ,all things will be held in Common and THE DELIGHT of SERVICE an Essential Part of daily life.NO WASTE,NO LACK,NO EXCESS.

So do your part in bringing about A FORCE that will really give a lesson the World still requires before it will learn to wage War no more.

SINCERELY YOURS, A.J.A. Bell. [signature]

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