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Bell, A.J.A., August 11, 1947.

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Professor Albert Einstein, Princeton, N.J.U.S.A 11 August 1947.


It was nice to hear from you again and my friend Mr P. RAYMENT, President of the TRADES & LABOR COUNCIL of Victoria here tells me he also had received some useful data he seeks for the Labor Magazine shortly to be published.

We have a distressing situation here in view of this being the last hold out of Conservative Capitalistic Past AGE Humans still unable to see or even desire to entertain the NEW ATOMIC AGE of the YEAR 3.

But it is really most tragic that persons can still be found in the majority who delight in viewing SOLDIERS & SAILORS parade as we continually witness here. It is a falsity to extol this kind of SHOW at a time when mankind should at least be able to rejoice they are not still at WAR thanks to the BLESSING of the ATOMIC BOMB and your part therein.

Do not overlook what Iwrote you in that your BOMBwas not powerful enough to really go to town in demonstrating to this Cockeyed World just where they are getting. Idesire it to be of such a nature that the lethargy that comes over Mankind when he gets USED TO HORRORS as did the JAPS in a degree when asked what they thought about it. Just another say which had to be lived through or words to this effect.

Now we must get what Istate above, A REAL JOB, that can destroy those who have to discharge it. Anyway, go to it and when you have a DANDY let the World see it again demonstrated on some Island or such place where it can be recorded.

Ibelieve it possible to attain this DEGREE OF RESPECT for the Atom Bomb that is wearing off even now.

ILLYA EHRENBURG well expressed himself when he referred to the U.S.A as lacking THE SPIRITUAL OUTLOOK. Ido not blame the U.S.S.R for the way they are handling their concerns. Germany has sure to learn that in modern times we do not need to settle troubles through such means she was so to ready to enforce. Ifigure the LEADERS OF BETTER THOUGHT in GERMANY are to blame in a degree for allowing the country to get into the mess it did.

The United Kingdom will assume a useful part when she entirely sloughs off the this, that, and the other. colonies. As you say No man can be an Island in himself. This is a good DIG to the Little Islander. He will learn.

Oil work with the Company Iam with grows apace. We are expecting to drill a Wildcat on the EAGLE HILLS due SOUTH EAST OF LLOYDMINSTER, SASK. if necessary. Should this well come in Iwill pay the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists a short visit on my way through to locate OIL for the U.K. and Ihope. Ireland. Iam alone here as MRS BELL is in Ireland.

This time Ican not just afford more than #10.00 for the WORK. Enclosed with me sincere appreciation and thankfulness that your Group has the Right Spirit URGE attending it.

Yours very truly, SIR. A. J. A. BELL

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