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Anderson, Olga, September 30, 1947

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6327 Orange Street Los Angeles 36, California September 30, 1947

Dr. Albert Einstein, Chairman Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists 90 Nassau Street, Princeton, N.J.

Dear Sir: The letter from you dated September 24 which begins, "Dear Friend, I am writing to as your help at the suggestion of a friend, etc." is an excellent letter indeed. But how much more effective it would be if it bore the name of the addressee!

I have had years of secretarial experience and I would be most happy to DONATE some typing for this worthy cause, especially at home on the typewriter I am using.

The thought occurred to me that if your Committee cared to furnish me with some letterheads and the names and addresses of key people whom you think should merit an original letter (instead of one produced by a duplicating machine), I would be happy to type a separate copy of your very fine letter for each individual.

I could spend a few hours a week at my leisure doing this, or some other job that would help the cause and fit my capabilities.

By way of recommendation, I am enclosing a letter received from Columbia Broadcasting, Inc. I am a member of the Insitute of Religious Science of Los Angeles, and also of the United World Federalists of Los Angeles.

Congratulations upon your helpful work in behalf of atomic control and world brotherhood.

Yours sincerely, [signature] Olga Anderson

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