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Amstutz, Elam, Attorney at Law, May 9, 1947.

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EAST 1173


May 9, 1947 MAY 14 RECD

Mr. A. Einstein, Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, Room 28, 90 Nassau Street, Princeton, New Jersey

Dear Mr. Einstein: I very much appreciate your letter of March 22, 1947. The letter and material enclosed is truly enlightening and the article "Only Then Shall We Find Courage" is the largest flame of intelligence that I have read or heard on the matter of present day problems and matters. It has been handed to many of my friends who have been very appreciative of the opportunity to read your enlightening comment. To me it is the "light" of the day. Realizing the great need for education on this subject, I am happy to contribute to the cause and enclose my check for $5.00. Perhaps further contributions can be made as we go along. In order to carry on this program of education, it occurs to me that much can be done by distribution, in proper places, of the "Only Then Shall We Find Courage". If they are available, I would appreciate receiving about 100 copies for distribution and thus do a small part in carrying out your program of education. Thanking you for your kindness in inviting this matter to my attention and with sincere appreciation of your worthy cause, I am

Sincerely yours, Elam Anschutz sent 8-27-47

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