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Goddard, Henry H., May 6, 1947.

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1638 Granville St. Columbus Ohio May 6. 1947

Dear Dr. Einstein: I have not ignored your appeal for funds for the "Emergency Committee." I have merely delayed, hoping to have an inspiration to put into readable language a "concern" -- as we Quakers say -- that I have had for some time. However the "Inspiration" does not come; so you are spared that much; and I can only outline very briefly what I had in mind. Being a Child-Psycologist, I have been thinking of the children. In world psychology the masses are children -- as is well known. So far there has been little or nothing done by or about a UNITED NATIONS that the masses can understand. There is nothing that is within their comprehension. Even some of our Newspapers are beginning to make fun of the movement. While the masses do not think, they do act -- upon their emotions. Politicians are afraid (properly) of the Masses in Action. Once let the people of the world get it into their heads that the UNITED NATIONs is a phony proposition, and away goes our great ideal, for another millenium or two. While our learned statesmen (?) are trying to agree upon something, somebody should be entertaining the children to make sure that they do not get discouraged and go off on the wrong tack. Two things have occurred to me, that might be begun at once. The first is the name. I suppose the name itself is settled; United Nations seems to be accepted, but I do think it ought to be written out in full. Nobody can fall in love with UN! The Germans fought for the VaterLand. How long would they have fought for VL? The second is a flag. A committee of able artists should be selected to design a beautiful flag. Then every nation that has joined the United Nations should be urged to provide themselves with flags and display them on all occasions. Nothing would develop loyalty among the nations so fast and so firmly as a United Nations Flag. And we must please the children. Please excuse these unsought suggestions

Sincerely yours Henry H. Goddard Prof. Emeritus of Psychology Ohio State University

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