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Fulmer, Dorothy J., October 29, 1947

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                                        JUNIATA COLLEGE           
                                        HUNTINGDON, PA.
                                                   Oct. 29, 1947

Albert Einstein Chairman Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, Inc. 90 Nassau St., Princeton, N.J.

Dear Mr. Einstein:

 Enclosed is a check to help with the cause of educating America to the necessity for international control of atomic power.  I wish it were a larger me for I believe completely in the necessity for such a control to the end that this great power may be used for the benefit and not for the destruction of mankind.
 Also enclosed is a column from the Washington (D.C.) Post, October 29.  I should like very much to know if the last two paragraphs of it are literally and  actually true.  Although I am not a scientist (I teach Latin and Greek), I do not consider myself-completely uninformed as to what goes on in the world.  I read a good metropolitan daily and as many of the better magazines as I can manage.  Nevertheless, this is the first time I have seen or heard it stated that the destruction of our civilization, your own words, could be accomplished by radiation from a single bomb if the concentration of radiation from previously exploded bombs were great enough.  If this is true, should it not be a well-publicized fact, one which would help your campaign greatly?
   Yours truly,
     Dorothy J. Fulmer

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