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Elmore, V. M., October 11, 1947.

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11th Oct., '47.

Dear Doctor Einstein:

Ever since receipt of your letter of 6th August, last, I have been hoping to be able to write you; but, infirmities and disabilities incident to advanced years, and my inability to respond, in a practical and financial way of real moment, have prevented an earlier reply to your letter.

Here is my check for a very modest amount. Only in small degree does it express my admiration for you and your Associates in the splendid endeavour by youall to help benefit mankind. Except for present, and future obligations and considerable magnitude, and of a monetary nature, already assumed by me, I would gladly aid in a more generous way; but I am compelled to, at this time, reduce any and all donations for an cause or purpose.

With all good wishes for you and your Committee, and for a continuance of good health for you, and for them,

Faithfully yours, [signature] Vincent M. Elmore.

Dr. A. Einstein, Princeton, New Jersey. (Encl)

P.S. A few days ago I received a letter from an army friend of mine..a retired general officer. In it, and reply to a query from me, he wrote: "Yes, I did get a circular letter from Dr. Einstein. I feel that he is right as to the danger to the human race. Only I wish I could send him a million dollars. For the first time, to my mind, there is some reason why people would do well to heed Biblical prophecies of the end of the world!"

(italics mine... V.M.E.) V.M.E

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