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Elliott, A.L., November 9, 1947.

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Elliot Distribution DISTRIBUTORS OF "COMFORT COMMANDERS" Cushion-sole Socks--Sock Full of Sock Satisfaction Thomasville, N.C.

Emergency Committee of atomic Scientists NOV 9, 1947 40 Nassau St. Princeton, N.J.

Dear Sirs:

Enclosed you will find one dollar and I regret that I do not have a million of its brothers in my posession that I could donate to your cause. I can think of nothing that would be of a more worth while educational program to which it could be donated.

I am [shure?] that there is more than two million americans who would gladly make a similar donation if you can only get in touch with them.

I am a city mail carrier, doing a little hosery business on the side, by mail. I have more than a thousand city mail carrier customers that's growing all the times. If you can use this list I will gladly send you a copy of them.

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