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Volume 1, Number 1.
Interesting attempt to reconcile the old style "G.I. Joe" type comic with the exigencies of the atomic battlefield. Thus, in the first story, "both sides have agreed to use only low-yield, clean atomic ammunition, and to…

"Six Survived to Tell What Happened."

An utopian vision of the uses of atomic energy. Although the first bomb test at Alamogordo is discussed, no mention is made of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Translated by Lawrence Hyde.
Originally published in Czech in 1924. "An eccentric scientist succeeds in disintegrating the atom, creating a powerful weapon. . ." -Brians, p. 154.
Second American edition.

Volume I, Number 2.
Includes four atomic battle stories: "Operation Vengeance," "The Ice-Box Invasion," "The Spy from Coney Island," and "Mission Demolition."

Volume I, No. 7.
Includes story of atomic war with Russia in 1976.

Illustrated by Graham Kaye.
First Edition.