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An historical-political investigation into the problem of atomic weapons during the period 1945-1955.
Translated in Stockholm by Albert Read.
First edition in English.

Prepared for the Secretary of State's Committee on Atomic Energy by a Board of Consultants.
Preface by Dr. I.I. Rabi.
First trade edition.

Volume 121, Number 19.
"Plan for the Atom: What Russia and the West Could Do Now. A Proposal for Atomic Peace."
Presents a plan for international ownership of all atomic plants in the hope of breaking the U.N. deadlock on atomic energy control.

First edition.

John B. Miles' copy, signed by him on the title-leaf.

Vol. XIII, No. 334. pp. 777-820.
The first publication of this declaration, signed at the White House on November 15, by Truman, Attlee and King.

Listed Guests of Honor include Edward Condon, Enrico Fermi, J.H. Von Neumann, Robert Oppenheimer, I.I. Rabi, William Shockley, Henry D. Smyth, Leo Szilard, Harold Urey, et al. Speakers include Brian McMahon and Col. Paul W. Tibbets, Jr. Includes a…