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Cherries were so much in demand this year that even the Black Republican variety of small, black cherries were picked clean by the Mexicans and sold for a good price.

Transported Mexican National sugar beet worker.

Two of the Mexican pickers with Mrs. Dloff.

A line of Braceros workers waiting outside the dining tents for supper. Service is quick enough to prevent long waiting in line.

View of the Merrill Mexican work camp looking south.

One of the streets in the Mexican worker camp formerly used by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Each picker stays on his own row until finished, carrying a supply of empty sacks fastened to a picking belt.

Mrs. Dorothy Burleson, Walla Walla nurse at Athena and Milton-Freewater farm labor camps, treating a Mexican National in a trailer dispensary at the Athena camp.

Mrs. Merril Hart, retired farmer's wife, speaks Spanish to help direct the Mexican work crews.