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This commemorative pin is of extreme rarity. It was apparently given to selected members of the project upon its successful completion. It is lettered in minuscule type on the reverse "WHITEHEAD-HOAG STERLING."

Volume 1, Number 1.
Interesting attempt to reconcile the old style "G.I. Joe" type comic with the exigencies of the atomic battlefield. Thus, in the first story, "both sides have agreed to use only low-yield, clean atomic ammunition, and to…

"A Popular Account of the Relations of Radium to the Natural World, to Scientific Thought, and to Human Life."
First edition.

First edition.

Foreword by Robert J. Bernard.
First edition.

Collection of scenarios for the Apocalypse, including a vision of nuclear war (pp. 172-221).

First paperback edition.

Attempts to relate the atomic age to Biblical text.
Illustrated, including art work by Leech Illustrators.
First edition.